Mariah Carey Thinks Her New Year's Eve Performance Was Sabotaged


Mariah Carey Thinks Her New Year's Eve Performance Was Sabotaged
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On Twitter, Mariah Carey sort of acknowledged that her performance on New Year's Rockin' Eve was a trainwreck, but her team says she's not to blame. Unnamed sources speaking to TMZ claim Mariah's earpiece wasn't working, making it nearly impossible for her to follow her music cues amid the noise and excitement of the crowd. They also say her prompter (with lyrics and stage cues) wasn't working, and that Dick Clark Productions failed to respond to Mariah's repeated concerns about the performance. Apparently someone on her team even fired off an email to a Dick Clark Productions exec claiming, "This is sabotage."

If you watch the video, it does look like Mariah's having a hard time hearing what's going on, and even takes out her earpiece at one point. But how much of this can be chalked up to technical difficulties, and how much to Mariah just dropping the ball?

Dick Clark Productions has already called the sabotage claims "silly," and points out that not only did Mariah decide not to do a soundcheck (she had a stand-in do it instead), but she's also changed her story. Originally she complained to them that the set list was changed without her knowledge. Now she's complaining about the earpiece and the prompters. Check out the video of her performance below and decide for yourself.

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