Adele's Reaction to Her Grammy Performance Mishap Is Heartbreaking

It's okay, Adele. We still love you.


Adele may have drawn the shorter end of the stick during Monday night's super dull Grammy Awards. During her performance of "All I Ask," the singer fell victim to a rather unfortunate audio error. The off-key guitar sound that could be distinctly heard banging in the background was actually caused by a microphone that had fallen inside the onstage piano. Fans were shocked and deeply confused by Adele's less-than-perfect performance. But for others, the audio mishap was the sound of Adele's poor heart breaking.  

The beloved British singer recently dropped by Ellen DeGeneres' show to talk about her ill-fated evening, and discuss the random bursts of tears she experienced all the next day.

It's okay, Adele. A small hiccup like this could never make us love you any less. 

See? It all worked out in the end. Also, props to Ellen for allowing the singer to redeem herself: 

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