Chris Brown's 'They Don't Know' Features Aaliyah, Is Bound to Piss Off Drake

(Getty Images)Chris Brown's decision to release a single that features previously unheard vocals from the late Aaliyah would have been bold no matter what, but it's particularly interesting given who else is dabbling with Aaliyah's unreleased tracks: Brown's nemesis Drake.

Last week, Brown confirmed that he's planning to release the single "They Don't Know," and has already shot a video for it in Los Angeles. It's a considerably more low-key clip than Brown's known for, apparently featuring crowds of unsmiling shirtless men. Fun!

Last year, Drake ignited controversy with the release of "Enough Said," a Noah "40" Shebib-produced slow jam that features less-than-inspired Drake verses about strugging with fame (because no one ever raps about that). So naturally, everyone's reading Brown's release of "They Don't Know" as a not-so-subliminal hit at the Toronto-bred rapper — although we'll have to wait for the lyrics to know if that's really the case.

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