One Direction's Louis Tomlinson Wars With the Wanted on Twitter: The Blow By Blow

(Getty Images)The supposed Backstreet Boys/'N Sync rivalry of the early aughts seems hilariously tame compared to whatever is going on between UK boybands One Direction and The Wanted — maybe because back in 2001, no one had Twitter. But times have changed, and now whenever any hot young whippersnapper wants to drum up some quick press, all he has to do is shoot a passive aggressive tweet at another famous person. It's just too easy.

The war of words kicked off at One Direction's concert on Saturday, when Louis cracked a joke about Jake Bugg and The Wanted being openers, drawing boos from the audience. Harry Styles tried to diffuse tension with, "Come on, we're all friends."

Bugg recently called One Direction "terrible," while The Wanted and One Direction have been trading barbs for about two years now.

The Wanted's Tom Parker responded directly to Louis' barb on Twitter, noting, "you even talk about us at your own gigs. Are you that upset you didn't get in this band?"

Louis took the bait and responded:

He then tweeted a link to an interview in which Tom admitted to being "shattered" by his failed X Factor audition. And that really got things going.

This, friends, was Louis (née Louie) Tomlinson's X Factor audition (HAHAHA):

Louis countered:

Oooh, the T-word! And then:


There was more — including a Lindsay Lohan mention, a barb from Liam Payne, and a rude exchange between boyband girlfriends, which can be found here. But this was the most interesting thing to come of it, courtesy The Wanted's Jay McGuinness:

Naturally, Louie responded:

Tom has since deleted his tweets, maybe because the whole thing is so embarrassingly dumb he no longer wants his name attached to it. But how about we watch Louis' audition video one more time, just for kicks:

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