Demi Lovato Takes a Tumble, Is the Most Glamorous Woman on Crutches

(Getty)On Monday, former Disney star Demi Lovato celebrated the two-year anniversary of her exit from a rehabilitation center, where she received treatment for disordered eating and substance abuse. Unfortunately, she was forced to mark the moment on a pair of decidedly unglamorous crutches, as she suffered a fall early Monday morning.

Lovato, who had a photo shoot in the morning, tweeted a picture her glitter-covered hand hovering over a pair of crutches with the caption, "Needless to say, today was eventful. Hahahaha." She also hinted at the cause of the injury, tweeting, "Never, ever, ever, EVER let your roommate clean your hardwood floors with Pledge...."

Rest assured that Demi looked fabulous when she hit the floor. The singer had a great sense of humor about the situation, even tweeting a link to a 2010 video that runs through seven of the singer's memorable face-plants. "Only. me. hahahaha this video never gets old," Demi joked.

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