Ray-J Finally Admits That Kim Kardashian Inspired 'I Hit It First,' Discusses the Kimye Baby

(FameFlynet Pictures)For reasons unknown and unclear, Ray-J initially refused to admit that his charming little ditty "I Hit It First" was inspired by reality television personality Kim Kardashian, with whom he famous starred in a sex tape about a decade ago. Though he used a pixelated image of his ex-girlfriend for the cover art and dropped lines like " I had her head going north and her ass going south/ But now baby chose to go West," Ray-J insisted that it was "just a song," telling Hot 97, "It’s about the concept, you know what I’m saying."

Now, finally, Ray-J is 'fessing up to his inspiration. In an interview on the Wendy Williams Show this week, he said he'd never denied the song was about Kim: "I just felt like in the promotional campaign to go so hard after you already kind of know what the song is about, I just felt like that was too much. So, I just let the song speak for itself."

Other revelations: Ray-J and Kim actually dated for five years (!), and he insists he's done with dating "the celebrity chicks." Except, you know... Kim wasn't actually famous when they were together. Check out the video below to see how Ray-J handles questions about Kim and Kanye's baby.

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