Report: U2 Set To Release New Album

Bono Visits The World Bank
Bono (Getty Images)more pics »After three years, a world tour, and one hellishly expensive Broadway musical, Bono is ready to release a new U2 record.

SPIN reports the Irish rockers have come up with a tentative title, and release date for their upcoming album.According to Britain's always reliable tabloid, The Sun, the LP will be titled 10 Reasons to Exist, which sounds believable enough. What we do know for fact: The band definitely has plans to release the record this year.

"I'd say we will be finished by the summer — and hopefully we will have something released by September," drummer Larry Mullen Jr. told Irish broadcaster RTE. Notice he uses the words "hopefully" and "something." Way to keep it intentionally vague! But hey, you can't spill all the beans. There's no fun in knowing everything.
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