Miley Cyrus Is Totally Gunning for Rihanna's Career

(Getty Images)This week, producer Mike WiLL Made It unveiled a 20-second snippet of his upcoming song "23," which features Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, and his ex-Disney darling Miley Cyrus. According to a recent interview with MTV, Miley nailed the track's vocals on the first day she and Mike started working together, despite his reservations. If we had to guess who Mike had originally intended to feature on the song, though, it'd be easy: Rihanna.

It's already been noted just how closely Miley seems to be following in Rihanna's footsteps with her recent image overhaul. Everything about her new, raunchy incarnation seems uncannily familiar, from the shaved 'do to the new sound (early on, Mike WiLL Made It admitted he wrote Miley's summer party anthem "We Can't Stop" with Rihanna in mind).

But really: Miley and Rihanna have more in common than you might think. Like...

They both have trouble keeping their tongues in their mouths:

They both enjoy being covered in currency:

They are both into underboob (and tattoos):

They both really like Chanel:

They both love grills:

They both like to wear gold guns in their ears:

They both enjoy interesting-looking cigarettes:

They both hate pants:

They both love statement-making crop tops:

And obviously, they both love to twerk:

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