Taylor Swift and Haim Break It Down with Nelly to 'Hot in Herre'

These girls definitely know how to shake it and have some fun!

Taylor Swift and Haim Break It Down with Nelly to 'Hot in Herre'
@taylorswift13 / Twitter

Good gracious! Taylor and Haim have all the right moves.

As if Taylor Swift's The 1989 World Tour couldn't get any better, the pop sensation recently brought rapper Nelly onstage so she could break it down to “Hot in Herre” with her squad members, Haim. On Tuesday night, the four ladies sang and served as backup dancers for Nelly's famous song at the Scottrade Arena in St. Louis, Missouri, and things definitely got extra hot. Yeah, this is the same Nelly who—back in the early 2000s—made wearing bandages on cheeks a trend.

Both Taylor and Haim instagramed and tweeted up a storm about their exciting rendition and choreographed dancing, which they apparently made up in the dressing room. Ladies, you should've put up that video, too. Along with rocking their killer moves, the sassy and talented singers also provided some much needed breathy vocals.

And by the way, Nelly is wearing jorts. The rapper is definitely a walking time warp.

"WHAT?!" "...OH." @derrtymo @haimtheband

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Taylor's list of awesome guests is getting longer and longer. Just last Saturday, she invited Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones to perform a rendition of his band's classic hit “(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction.” Who do you think will be Taylor's next surprise guest?

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