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Nas The Harder They Fall - Los Angeles Special Screening
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Nas A Conversation On The 25th Anniversary Of Nas' "It Was Written"
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Nas The Universal Hip Hop Museum Groundbreaking Ceremony Held In Bronx Point
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Nas Sued for $10 Million Over Angola Kidnapping

By Alicia Dennis on
A concert promoter in Angola has sued Nas for $10 million, alleging that the rapper's failure to appear at a 2011 concert resulted in his being kidnapped at gunpoint and held for several months, TMZ reports.Patrick Allocco claims that when Nas failed to appear at a New Year's Eve concert in Angola, concert promoters kidnapped him and held him as ransom for 50 days. Allocco wants Nas to pay up for his horrifying experience, which he claims included constant threats and beatings. He seeks...Read Full Story

Judge Orders Nas to Pay Kelis $10K a Month in Spousal Support

By BangShowbiz on
Getty ImagesNas was in court yesterday and an LA judge told him he owes his ex-wife and fellow musician Kelis $10,000 a month in spousal support. And, he got dinged with back payments owed to her in the amount of $47,249.42 for their seven-month-old son Knight, plus $40,454 in back spousal support. That's gonna be one big check. In December, Nas had his monthly spousal and child payments to Kelis increased from a combined $40,000 to a total of $51,000 a month, but has failed to keep up...Read Full Story