5 Reasons Why Kendall Jenner and Nick Jonas Could Actually Make it as a Couple

Is this the beginning of NiKe?

5 Reasons Why Kendall Jenner and Nick Jonas Could Actually Make it as a Couple
Getty | Bauer Griffin

According to E! News, Kendall Jenner and Nick Jonas are quietly dating, although it's "nothing serious" at the moment.  They've been on a "few dates" and enjoy hanging out whenever they are in the same city.  Nick, who recently broke up with Olivia Culpo, "isn't looking for anything major at the moment." Despite the seemingly random pairing, here are 5 reasons why these two could actually last:

1. She could be his new muse!

Undoubtedly, Kendall is as beautiful as Olivia Culpo, and she could inspire another hit like “Jealous.” Hey, every artist needs a chart topper!

2. Their relationship could lead to another spin off.

I mean, can you imagine the Kardashian and Jonas clans interacting? It would be reality TV gold. Maybe Kylie and Tyga will give them relationship advice.

3. They run in the same social circle, which is full of other beautiful and fancy celebs.

Kendall and Nick can go on double dates with Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas. It's two famous supermodels, who happen to be BFFs, are dating two famous musicians, who happen to be brothers. Oh, it’s a match made in heaven!

4. They have more in common than you think.  

Both of them come from close-knit, famous families and have been in the spotlight from a young age. That means they have a solid understanding of hectic work schedules and globetrotting in style.

5. They are both ambitious and hardworking.

Despite their young age, Kendall and Nick have accomplished a great deal already, and it doesn't look like they have any plans to slow down.

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