5 Non-Blockbusters You Need to See This Summer

By Joe Robberson on
You may not have heard of these flicks yet, but you will.Read Full Story

The 'Parks and Recreation' Lines We'll Be Quoting Long After the Show Ends

By Hayley Igarashi on
We salsa your faces, Pawnee gang!Read Full Story

Interview: Diablo Cody on 'Paradise,' Her Odd Trio, and Nick Offerman's Shaved Mustache

By JJ Duncan on
(Getty Images)It's been nearly six years since Diablo Cody won an Oscar for her screenplay for Juno, and in that time she's written three more movies, created the critically acclaimed Showtime series United States of Tara, and learned to take both praise and criticism in stride. Her latest movie, Paradise, finds her sitting in the director's chair for the first time, and bringing together a high-profile cast (Julianne Hough, Holly Hunter, Russell Brand, Octavia Spencer, and Nick Offerman) in...Read Full Story

So 'The Lego Movie' Actually Looks Pretty Funny, You Guys

By Darrick Thomas on
I know what you're thinking: "A movie based on the Danish building blocks we used to play with as children? How about, "No thanks?'" But damn if Lego: The Movie doesn't look like it might actually be good. Worst case scenario: It'll definitely be enjoyable by kid-friendly movie standards. Smartly, the film is in on the joke, poking fun at the janky animation and ridiculous nature of turning Lego people into feature film characters, while including the right amount of wink-wink nostalgia to...Read Full Story

Nick Offerman's Relationship Advice Proves, Yet Again, That He's the Best

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If you haven't already fallen in love with Parks & Rec's Nick Offerman, aka the meat-loving, wood-working, mustachioed pinnacle of manhood, Ron Swanson, then allow us to present a clip from Tuesday night's Conan, where Offerman does the following: Demonstrates a stare that can make people pee themselves Giggles like the Pillsbury Doughboy Doles out romance tips Uses the phrase, "realm of coitus." Like I said: The. Best.Read Full Story

Zimbio Review - '21 Jump Street'

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The Bottom Line Should you see it? Yes. Why? Jonah Hill is always worth seeing, but his pairing with Tatum is cool and natural. Jump St. is a great comedy. Jonah Hill gets his first feature film writing credit here (for the story concept), along with Michael Bacall, for this anarchic high school comedy that delivers in so many different ways, it is guaranteed to make you laugh once, whoever you are. Hill runs the show as Schmidt, the movie's true lead, but he gets some worthy supporting...Read Full Story