Seven 'Jersey Shore' Inspired Gifts for Snooki's Baby Shower

(Getty Images | Inset: Cafe Press )more pics » Maybe just get her parenting classes. (MTV) Lock up the liquor cabinet and hide the self-tanner: Jersey Shore is adding a new member to the family. After a month of denying rumors that she was expecting, the truth is out – Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is pregnant.

Snooki, 24, and boyfriend Jionni LaValle have their first bun in the oven, and according to the New York Post, it's three months along.

Whether you think Snooki reproducing is a sign of the apocalypse or the sweetest thing she's done since using a mini-fridge as a toilet, her mini-meatball is going to need some gear whenever he/she pops out. So if you're looking to get the pint-size spitfire and her spawn a baby shower gift, we have some appropriate suggestions.

1. Shore Onesies
Before Jersey Shore glamorized low IQs and turned partying into an occupation, the terms "guido" and "guidette" were considered slights, and it was considered pathetic if your biggest aspirations involved working out, tanning, and hitting the local Fluff 'n' Fold. Now though, her baby can embrace that kind of lifestyle from day one (courtesy of Cafe Press).

2. Jersey Bibs
With all the debaucherous scenes of Snooki and company getting so trashed they end up hugging a toilet or ralphing in the bushes, these Jersey Shore bibs could come in handy for mother and daughter alike (courtesy of Cafe Press).

3. Bro Tote
Judging by the fact that the Shore has a requisite dress code of glittery muscle T's and a machismo quotient that goes through the roof, Jionni isn't going to want to be seen with just any ol' diaper bag. He's gonna need this super manly dragon carrier by Diaper Dude.
4. Hard(y)core
The cast of Jersey Shore has single-handedly rejuvenated Ed Hardy's profit margins, and it looks like the ridiculous clothing line is now going after the future generations of guidos. While Snooki may have to wait a few months to start greasing her baby's hair into an atrocious, crystalized mess, she can immediately outfit the little tyke with these Ed Hardy duds.

5. Fancy Hygiene
It's common knowledge that babies are highly susceptible to germs, especially when mom's out at Bar Karma dropping it like it's hot and dancing up on every juiced-up meathead in the club. Luckily, Purell has introduced a fashionably bedazzled bottle of hand sanitizer that'll keep Snooki germ-free AND stylish.
6. Late Night Cravings
Who knows how Snooki is going to handle pregnancy, but one thing's for sure: When it comes to randomly timed cravings, Jionni better have the pantry well-stocked with pickles. So why not help the poor guy out with few cases of Vlasics? You can even make it more appropriate by getting the baby gherkins. (Sidenote: Gherkin is Zimbio's frontrunner for potential baby names.)
7. Wild Child
Snooki has, shall we say, her own unique sense of style. Now no one wants to see a baby in fishnets, trucker hats, or bikinis as evening wear, but you could maintain a modicum of taste with this animal print baby kit for the mother-to-be (courtesy of Baby Milano).
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