Nicole Richie Carries 8 Pairs of Sunglasses in Her Handbag, and Other Fun Facts


At first glance, the most recent episode of Harper's Bazaar's "The Look" seems like a standard interview between Laura Brown and Nicole Richie. But what really happens is this: the girls sarcastically chit-chat about the eight pairs of sunglasses (yes, eight) and multiple sheets of bobby pins Richie carries in her handbag.

Like when Brown asks Richie whether she's judging her, and Richie responds in a completely deadpan tone, "I am."

She also tells Brown to "Get it together" and the two take a moment for Kate Hudson because Richie really admires her free-flowing west coast style. 

We didn't think it was possible, but this video made us love Richie even more. Watch the full episode below!

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