Customizable OPML

By Livingly Staff on
Each portal on Zimbio now has a tool that allows members to pick and choose the types of content they'd like to receive in their OPML feed (links, photos, RSS feeds, notes, etc.).  You can test the “customizable OPML” tool by visiting any of our portals and choosing "Tools" in the top navigation bar.  Here are a few examples: Aviation OPMLEnergy Conservation OPMLAfrica Travel OPMLMany thanks to James, Scott, and Adam for taking a test drive of the new feature and for sending along some very...Read Full Story

A couple of OPML pages to test, and a request for feedback

By Danny Khatib on
Lately we’ve received a few different feature requests regarding OPML pages/files for public portals, and so we thought we’d open it up to the community for debate. How should Zimbio support OPML?  Should we offer an OPML file or OPML page for each portal?  Should we nest our outlines so each portal’s Feedroll has its own category, or should we just keep our outlines simple and flat (which is less cool, but may be more broadly supported)?  Should we include all links and photos from a portal...Read Full Story