Obama's Bracket: Printable Version with Full List of Picks

By JJ Duncan on
President Barack Obama has made his 2010 NCAA tournament picks, and it looks like the prez isn't afraid to follow his gut even if it means going against the grain. Obama picked a few surprise upsets in his bracket and even has number two seeds winning two of the four brackets. President Obama picked Kansas to go all the way in a final game against Kentucky. The two have been battling for the top rank in college basketball all season and are both in a strong position to make it to the...Read Full Story

Obama's Bracket: Kansas Goes All the Way

By Jake on
Add Barack Obama to the growing chorus that expects the Jawhawks to cut down the nets at the end of the NCAA Tournament this year. The President picked his bracket, and it's a solid, middle-of-the-road effort. For the most part, Obama sides with the favorites, shying away from major upsets in the first round except for Georgia Tech over Oklahoma St. and Murray St. taking down Vanderbilt, and Cornell taking down Temple. In later rounds, he stays conservative, For instance, he sees No. 3...Read Full Story

The Barack Obama Bracket Challenge: Can You Beat the Prez?

By JJ Duncan on
(Image by Getty | Illustration by Zimbio.com)Sports fanatic and President Barack Obama met with ESPN's Andy Katz Tuesday to make his picks for this year's NCAA Tournament bracket official. (ESPN: Presidential pick 'em at the White House)The winner? University of North Carolina.Of course, Obama got burned by picking UNC to win last year, when coach Roy Williams was defeated in the semi-finals by his former team, the University of Kansas Jayhawks.If you've been stressing about picking your...Read Full Story