The Barack Obama Bracket Challenge: Can You Beat the Prez?

Barack Obama's Bracket (Image by Getty | Illustration by

Sports fanatic and President Barack Obama met with ESPN's Andy Katz Tuesday to make his picks for this year's NCAA Tournament bracket official. (ESPN: Presidential pick 'em at the White House)

The winner? University of North Carolina.

Of course, Obama got burned by picking UNC to win last year, when coach Roy Williams was defeated in the semi-finals by his former team, the University of Kansas Jayhawks.

If you've been stressing about picking your winners this year, maybe take the easy way out and go with the official Obama picks. But for you sports nuts out there, it might be more fun to see if you can beat the president's bracket. He does have some controversial picks in the mix (Villanova over UCLA?), but upsets are what make the tournament fun.

Check out Obama's complete list of picks below and vote in our poll on whether you think his picks are solid. The picks are divided by division for easier reading.

Barack Obama's Picks for the NCAA Tournament Midwest Div

Barack Obama's Picks for the NCAA Tournament Western Div

Barack Obama's Picks for the NCAA Tournament Eastern Div

Barack Obama's Picks for the NCAA Tournament Southern Div

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