Occupy LA Eviction Gets Postponed

By Darrick Thomas on
(Photo by Getty Images)The Occupy movement is still going strong and still spreading nationally, and its LA branch of protesters is looking to the courts to strengthen their foothold in the city, specifically the encampment that has been erected outside LA's City Hall. Last night at midnight was the city imposed deadline aimed to force protesters out of the City Hall encampment; however, the deadline came and went without anyone being forcibly extracted or tents being torn down. Police...Read Full Story

Police Pepper Spray UC Davis Students (Video)

By Darrick Thomas on
The Occupy movement continues more than two months in, and accounts of police brutality and abuse of power continue to surface as a result. The latest incident of which comes from the University of California, Davis, where a campus security officer is caught on tape ruthlessly spraying peaceful protesters who are sitting in a circle, arms interlocked.The footage shows one officer casually walking in front of the circle of students with his pepper spray canister going at full blast, at point...Read Full Story

Zuccotti Park Raid, Occupy Wall Street Video

By Adam Wenger on
Occupy Wall Street protesters in Zuccotti Park got a surprise early Tuesday morning when hundreds of police dressed in riot gear cleared out the area. Within hours of the raid, video of the scene appeared online. First came the bright lights, then the printed out notices. Next thing the protesters knew, the cops came in, tore down tents, and cleared out the park. Video posted on YouTube shows police warning those in the area, and then later throwing in mass tents and supplies into the trash...Read Full Story

Occupy Oakland: Latest News, Pictures

By Adam Wenger on
Occupy Oakland -- an offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street protest movement -- made national headlines last night when thousands flooded the city's port, ultimately shutting it down. But while those involved were jubilant over the peaceful and successful Port of Oakland protest, sentiment quickly turned sour and angry as violence erupted in the city's downtown core leaving more than 80 arrested. As night fell on the city, an angry subset of protesters began starting fires and launching M80s...Read Full Story

Occupy Oakland Protesters Dispersed with Tear Gas: Video

By JJ Duncan on
Videos from the Occupy Oakland protest show demonstrators fleeing from police as law enforcement officers launch tear gas canisters into their midst on Tuesday night. Tensions between the demonstrators and police came to a head after police attempted to clear away around 1,000 protesters, leading many to resist on grounds of freedom to assemble and freedom of speech. "We had to deploy gas to stop people from throwing rocks and bottles at police," Interim Police Chief Howard Jordan said...Read Full Story