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Oren Moverman 2019 Toronto International Film Festival - 'Human Capital' Premiere
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Oren Moverman 'Human Capital' TIFF Kickoff Cocktail
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Oren Moverman RBC Hosted 'Bad Education' Cocktail Party At RBC House Toronto Film Festival 2019
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Zimbio Review - 'Rampart'

By Joe Robberson on
The Bottom Line Should you see it? Yes. Why? Woody Harrelson provides an intense portrait of a violent dirty cop and rules every scene he's in. Rampart deals with one of the more compelling cinematic subjects: a dirty cop. Blessed with an impressive pedigree, including director/co-writer Oren Moverman and co-writer James Ellroy, Rampart succeeds in shedding a light on an amoral racist rogue of a police officer while never ignoring the character's humanity. Credit Woody Harrelson for his...Read Full Story