'Inside Llweyn Davis' Trailer: The Coen Brothers' Take on '60s Folk

It's been a whole three years since the Coen brothers released True Grit, which suggests their latest, Inside Llewyn Davis, could be an early contender for the 2014 Oscars. (Last time the Coens took three years to craft a movie, it was for No Country for Old Men, and the time before that, it was for Fargo — a lot of Oscar gold between those two.)

Inside Llewyn Davis follows a struggling folk singer (Drive's Oscar Isaac) dealing with a pissed off Carey Mulligan and trying to make it in the '60s Greenwich Village scene, home to the likes of Bob Dylan and Dave Van Ronk. The trailer's quiet, contemplative, and a bit melancholy for the most part. Blink and you might miss Justin Timberlake on acoustic guitar or Girls' Adam Driver in cowboy getup. What you won't miss is a fiery Mulligan and her suggestion for (SUPER) safe sex and John Goodman with an awesome haircut — he's got bangs for god's sake. Bangs!

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