P. Diddy: 'Love Rules My Life'

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Most of us have some sort of higher power we believe in. In P. Diddy's case, that higher power is love.The music mogul -- who has five children from three relationships -- regrets his romantic failures and is constantly striving to make himself a better partner.He said: “Love runs my life. When I wake up in the morning, what I do, I do for a woman. I wake up, I get dressed, I’m trying to be fly for a woman. I’ve been successful in a lot of things, but I haven’t been successful in the love...Read Full Story

P. Diddy Sprays Perfume, Takes the London Bar Scene

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P. Diddy knows how to make an entrance. The rapper raised some eyebrows at London’s Runway club on a recent night out when he asked the DJ to play a 30-minute set of his songs upon his arrival. As if that weren't enough, he later insisted on having his own Sean John fragrance sprayed into the room every 20 minutes. A source said: “All eyes were on Diddy. You could smell him coming a mile off. It was as if a king had arrived in the building -- but you could hardly see him under all that...Read Full Story

P. Diddy's Birthday Gift to Son: $360,000 Car

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Life is good when you're the spawn of P. Diddy. The multi-millionaire rapper's son Justin Combs turned 16 years old over the weekend, and his dad pulled out all the stops: Diddy bought Justin a Maybach, one of the most expensive cars in the world, worth around $360,000. According to PopEater, Justin's birthday was appropriately caught on tape by MTV crews, who will air it as part of the series My Super Sweet Sixteen. In addition to all of Justin's teenage pals, celebs like Lil Kim and...Read Full Story

P. Diddy Wants Obama to Adopt Him

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Getty; Photo AgencyPresident Barack Obama has P. Diddy's vote for Father of the Year. The 40-year-old rapper said: “I ain’t going to lie -- if God said I could pick one person to be my father, I’d want to be Sean Combs Obama. That’s how dope he is. I hope he reads this interview and adopts me. I wouldn’t even have to be in the will. I got my own money!” P. Diddy also believes hip-hop may have played a part in the Democratic senator winning the race for the White House. He said: “I think...Read Full Story

Twitter: 'Diddy values his contribution higher than we do.'

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(Getty)This may be the coldest diss Diddy has ever been handed. The beauty is in its subtlety.Someone sent TechCrunch, a Silicon Valley insider's news site, a huge pile of internal Twitter documents. Among them, according to a recent article, "include employment agreements, calendars of the founders, new employee interview schedules, phone logs and bills, alarm settings, a financial forecast, a pitch for a Twitter TV show, confidentiality agreements with companies such as AOL, Dell, Ericsson...Read Full Story

Diddy Discusses Chris and Rihanna on TV

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Getty Images.Diddy made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that aired Tuesday to discuss, among other things, his reasons for inviting pop singers Chris Brown and Rihanna to stay at his home in Miami.Diddy had managed to escape a lot of criticism when word got out that Brown and Rihanna (real name Robin Fenty) were holed up at one of Diddy's mansions, but he still responded defensively when Ellen asked him to "clear up" his position on the matter. It was a dark time for them and I was...Read Full Story

'Promote the Vote' Block Party Takes Over in Philadelphia

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(L-R) Record executive Kevin Liles, rapper Sean "Diddy" Combs, singer Mary J. Blige and rapper Jay-Z are seen at a "Promote The Vote Block Party" in support of Democratic presidential nominee U.S. Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) November 3, 2008 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Getty Images North America) The newest scare tactic in this election is all over Diddy's shirt: VOTE OR DIE! It's one day before the election, and celebrity Obama supporters are pulling out all the stops. Hip-hop...Read Full Story

Diddy Wants to Party With the Queen

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Diddy, also known as Sean Combs, is an accomplished buisnessman, rapper, producer, clothes designer and more, but there's one thing he hasn't done, kicked it with the Queen of England.The king of the party scene told the U.K.'s Telegraph today that he longs to party with the Queen. "There is one person I really want to meet: the Queen of England," Diddy said. "I don't know why I've never met her. She's never invited me to the palace - not yet, anyway."If that isn't begging for an invitation...Read Full Story

Gerard Rechnitzer sues P Diddy

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P Diddy is being sued for assaulting Gerard Rechnitzer outside a post-Oscars party. The man, Gerard Rechnitzer, claims that Sean Combs punched and pushed him and his girlfriend outside Hollywood nightclub Teddy's in the early hours of February 26.Read Full Story