Pamela Pilger Yells 'Heil Hitler' at Israeli Jew Who Supports Health Care Reform

Pamela Pilger is a self-described "conservative" who was videotaped last Friday yelling "Heil Hitler" at an Israeli Jew who was telling a camera crew why he supports a public health care option. Pilger is one of many protesters who have begun comparing President Barack Obama to reviled Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in an attempt to discredit his attempts at health care reform.

Pamela Pilger (From KLAS-TV)
As the man is explaining that public health care works wonderfully in Israel, he is interrupted by shouts of "Heil Hitler." He immediately (and understandably) takes deep offense and gets into an argument with Pamela Pilger. When he explains that a 2-hour visit to the emergency room while visiting the U.S. cost him $8,000, Pilger proceeds to mock him.

It's one of the most blatant examples of the inappropriate nature of the Obama Hitler comparisons, and the video is jaw-dropping. To add a dash of irony to the situation, Pamela Pilger was wearing an "Israel Defense Forces" T-shirt in the video.
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