This Paris Hilton Plane Crash Prank Went Way Too Far

No. Just no.

This Paris Hilton Plane Crash Prank Went Way Too Far

Damn you, Ashton Kutcher. 

Ever since the Two and a Half Men actor created his infamous MTV show Punk'd, imitation series like Egypt's Ramez in Control have attempted to mirror its format and scare the bejeebus out of unsuspecting celebrities. Unfortunately for heiress and perfume promoter Paris Hilton, she was the latest victim in a prank that went above and beyond what's typically accepted as lighthearted and innocent entertainment.  

The disturbing footage, which goes on for more than five minutes, shows a panicked Hilton as her plane begins to act erratically. All of the passengers are screaming and a few even decide to parachute from the rear of the aircraft. Obviously, the situation does not bode well for Hilton's emotional state, as she is seen crying and freaking out in the most unfunny way possible. 

Check out the full clip below (unless you have a fear of flying.) 

Not cool, pranksters. Not cool at all. 

Warning: the video below contains some very colorful, albeit expected language. 

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