'Grey's Anatomy' Finale Scoop: A [SPOILER] Hits Seattle Grace

By Jill Slattery on
(ABC)The docs of Grey's Anatomy have dealt with a bomb embedded in a patient's chest, a ferryboat accident, a hospital shooter, and countless other disasters. But in the upcoming Season 9 finale, Seattle Grace will be forced to weather, well, weather.The Hollywood Reporter reveals that the upcoming May 16 finale will feature a superstorm that will cause the entire hospital to go into "crisis mode." "I warned you about the GA finale so you could brace yourself," Rhimes recently wrote on...Read Full Story

Patrick Dempsey Rescue Details

By Darrick Thomas on
Scene of the accident (TMZ) Patrick Dempsey is a hero, and not just a fictional one on TV. The Grey's Anatomy star recently helped rescue a teenager from a totaled car. Dempsey's heroic tale began when 17-year-old Weston Massett crashed and flipped his Mustang right outside Dempsey's Malibu home. Dempsey heard the crash and immediately ran outside, crowbar in hand.Dempsey pried open the driver's side door and removed Massett from the wreckage. Massett was then airlifted to a nearby hospital...Read Full Story

Patrick Dempsey: Marriage Takes 'More than Just Flowers'

By BangShowbiz on
Patrick Dempsey knows marriage and fatherhood is no walk in the park. The Grey’s Anatomy actor has been married to wife Jill Fink for 10 years -- and making their relationship last a decade has taken a lot of TLC, especially because they have 3 kids. He said: “I am romantic but I think it takes more than just flowers. Marriage is great and blissful, but it takes work and understanding. You have to make time to spend together and to work through your issues. The more we grown and learn...Read Full Story

7 Questions with Patrick Dempsey

By John Newlin on
Here are 5 things you should know about Dempsey: 1) Dempsey is an Irish/American Golden Globe-nominated actor and son of an insurance agent. 2) He appeared on MTV’s Overnight Success by Teri DeSario where he danced and juggled. 3) In his spare time, Dempsey races cars and will be competing in 5 of the 12 Rolex Sports Car Series events. He’s also co-owner of a IndyCar Series team, Vision Racing. 4) He models for Versace and is launching a fragrance with Avon, due out November 2008. 5) He’s...Read Full Story