'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Love, Death, Spleens, and Teddy Bears

'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Love, Death, Spleens, and Teddy Bears
The CWThe Vampire Diaries pulled out all the stops in its most recent episode, "Do You Remember the First Time?" It's an episode about love. And revelations. A character dies. Another character imbues a teddy bear with mystical significance.

What more could you want?

The Bromance Returns!
Although Alaric has been back in the Vampire Diaries universe for a while now, we haven't gotten much of a chance to see the Damon-Ric bromance in action. Until now.

It almost seems like the past few years never happened, at least as far as Alaric and Damon are concerned. After all, Alaric is a human again and Damon is the vampire that hangs around and annoys him.

Damon is, of course, also a little irritated about Alaric erasing all of Elena's memories, but even that gets partially subsumed under the force of the greatest bromance The Vampire Diaries has ever seen.

It's Not The Vampire Diaries If There Isn't a Party
Have you ever realized that The Vampire Diaries has almost as many parties as it has deaths? Often, the two even go together.

This week's party, however, manages to avoid death. It's a benefit full of doctors, so that probably helps. It also helps that everyone takes their issues elsewhere before dealing with them. The only person who seems to be in any danger is Liam, and that's only because a jealous Damon shows up to mess with the pre-med student's game.

Yes, Damon is still determined to get Elena back, even if she doesn't remember anything good about him. And Elena, despite all the flirting with Liam, is game to try. She dances with Damon at the party while listening to past dance stories. They don't work very well, so it's off to a starry night sky for these once-and-future lovebirds!

Meanwhile, Tyler continues to not be a werewolf, thanks to Liv. He also continues to flirt with the witch who killed for him. In this episode, that flirtation mostly involves filling champagne glasses and wearing a silly tie.

Extreme Measures
Out in the night, Damon tells Elena all about one night when they went out to watch a meteor shower, only to get rained out. Damon's enthusiasm prompts Elena to resort to extreme measures -- she crosses the line into Stars Hollow.

Immediately choking on an entire river of water, Elena is only saved by Damon dragging her back. She does get a few hints of her past though. Compelled memory loss seems to be one of the many supernatural things not tolerated by Stars Hollow these days.

But Damon doesn't think it's worth Elena dying. He is so opposed to Elena's death, that he insists she is better off without him, even lying about how the meteor night ended badly to make her run away.

It is a rather odd bit of emotional turnabout for Mr. "I came back from the dead to be with you," but a happy ending right now would avoid tension. And The Vampire Diaries never avoids tension.

Tripp Falls
Elsewhere in the vampire-filled world, Enzo and Stefan still have Tripp held captive. They want to get information out of the guy and are thus subjecting him to a) torture and b) conversations with Matt. Neither yields much useful information, but Tripp's time with the vampires is limited.

That's because Tripp has henchmen. These morally questionable minions quickly run Sheriff Forbes off the road and use her life as leverage to get Tripp back.

This would have been an excellent plan except for one rather glaring problem: Enzo was left alone with Tripp. And Enzo turned Tripp into a vampire during that time.

Because of this, Tripp falls to the ground with a gaping neck wound the second the vampires turn him over to the Mystic Falls storm troopers. That's it for Tripp!

The Teddy Bear and the Spleen
Remember 1994?

That alternate reality/personal Hell still exists, and both Bonnie and Chi remain stuck there. After the incident with the magical doohickey, Bonnie is a little worse for wear. Still, she holds most of the cards as the one who can get them out.

Chi thinks she'll take him with her too, mostly because he is deranged. He is also not reformed, no matter how many pretty speeches he gives about how Bonnie has changed him. Even the gift of Bonnie's teddy bear doesn't move her much.

But what choice does Bonnie have? She begins the escape spell as the eclipse begins, but it suddenly fizzles. That would be because Bonnie got rid of her magic and hid it. Where exactly?

That would be in the teddy bear -- which has conveniently disappeared. Bonnie and Chi may be stuck now.

This is a very good thing, and not just because Chi is essentially an unapologetic serial killer. Remember how, when telling the story of killing his family, Chi mentioned that he liked one of his sisters and only maimed her? The girl was supposed to have survived, losing only a spleen in the process.

Well, it turns out that the spleen-less witch is none other than Jo, the Hot Doc. She hasn't used magic since Chi's attack, but you can bet that will change when her evil big brother gets to go back to the future.

"I Thought You Were Worth Having a Thing For"
Throughout this episode -- and throughout much of The Vampire Diaries season 6 -- there has been some tension between Caroline and Stefan. Always friends, there has been something developing between these two for years now, and anger and loss have now brought it out.

But Caroline is kind of done with Stefan now. The guy has left and abandoned his friends one time too many, and that is something that Caroline can never forgive. She may be attracted to Stefan, but Vampire Barbie has far too much self-esteem to accept him like this.

"If I don't hate you for ruining our friendship, then I have to hate myself. And I deserve better than that." Truer -- and sadder -- words have rarely been spoken.

Boozy Endings
Damon wanders a graveyard, drinking heavily as he so often does. He really isn't OK with letting Elena go, no matter how many fine words he offers. Considering that the meteor shower date was actually a sexy, rousing success with declarations of eternal love, his sadness is fair.

Then he finds a teddy bear. Yes, Bonnie's magical bear has made it back to the real world. And Damon knows this means Bonnie could still be alive.

Elena also ends the episode in misery, but it's mostly of a different sort. The increasingly frustrated Liam -- who now knows that Damon is not dead -- shows up to inform Elena that corn maze girl has made a miraculous recovery. Even an old sports injury has healed.

Liam doesn't know what to make of this, but he is smart enough to know a secret when he hears one. This is not going to end well, is it?