Penelope Cruz Doesn't Remember Anything About Her Oscar Win

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Getty ImagesPenelope Cruz scored a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award earlier this year for her performance in Vicky Cristina Barcelona, but she couldn't tell you what happened during the ceremony. The actress says she has no recollection of the night because she was so nervous. She explained: "I feel frustrated that I can't remember, because it was beautiful how your family and your people can feel so happy for you. I felt I was on the border of passing out from tension. That I can...Read Full Story

Penelope Cruz: Singing in 'Nine' Was 'Terrifying'

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Getty ImagesPenelope Cruz didn't just act in her upcoming flick Nine, she sang, too. And, she was pretty nervous about breaking out into song in front of the cameras. She was on the red carpet in London at the premiere of the musical movie last night, and the 35-year-old Spanish actress admitted she was a little out of practice with her singing. The 35-year-old star told BANG Showbiz: "Singing was terrifying because it was new and because it was my first time. It was like doing theatre...Read Full Story

Penelope Cruz Had to Hit the Gym Big Time For 'Nine'

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Photo AgencyPenelope Cruz really got a good workout for her upcoming movie Nine. The Spanish actress had to train hard for weeks for the flick, about a film director struggling in his relationships with women, in which Penelope plays the central character’s mistress. In one scene she had to slide down a rope, and she had to put muscles she hadn't used since being a teen to the test. Describing the scene, Penelope said: “They mapped it out and showed me how it was done. I said I would...Read Full Story

Wedding Bells for Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem?

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(Photo by Photo Agency) Spanish actress Penelope Cruz is reportedly planning her wedding to long-term boyfriend and No Country for Old Men psychopath Javier Bardem for next month and is shopping for a dress. A source said: “They will marry very soon, maybe even over the holidays. Since she and Javier are from Spain, she’d love to have a Spanish designer create her dream gown.”It is believed the dress could be created by the House of Balenciaga – which was founded by Spanish designer...Read Full Story

Penelope Cruz Says She's 'Allergic' to Questions About Her Personal Life

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Getty ImagesPenelope Cruz is really not spilling the beans about her possible engagement to Javier Bardem, no matter how much she's bugged about it. This woman has iron will! She was on the Late Show and got pestered by David Letterman, who asked her flat-out if she's gotten a rock, and the actress deflected every last question about her personal life. She was a good sport, even. "I don't feel comfortable talking about my private life in public," she said with a giggle (via Full Story

Penelope Cruz Films Her Part in the 'Sex and the City' Sequel

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Photo AgencyPenelope Cruz is the latest celeb who supposedly makes an appearance in the upcoming Sex and the City sequel. The Broken Embraces star apparently plays herself in her small scene in the movie, and shot the bit last week in New York. According to OK! magazine, plenty of other stars will pop in and out of the next 'SATC' movie. Although speculation Beyonce Knowles will appear has been dismissed, her song "Single Ladies" will be featured. The track will be performed by musical...Read Full Story

Penelope Cruz Says There Will be a Wedding Soon, But Not a Baby

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Photo AgencyPenelope Cruz is planning on walking down the aisle soon with her dreamy Spanish boyfriend Javier Bardem. They hardly admit they're dating, but apparently a wedding is in the works. A source told the New York Daily News: “They're telling friends they will get married.” No further details of the engagement or nuptials have been released, and the couple’s representatives have not confirmed the reports. However, those close to the pair have denied claims they are expecting a baby...Read Full Story

Penelope Cruz Has to Keep Busy, Or Else She Starts Worrying

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Getty Images Penelope Cruz says she worries when she has too much time on her hands. It doesn't matter that she's a gorgeous, successful movie star with a hot boyfriend (Javier Bardem), she still frets if she doesn't keep busy. She explained in an interview with Vanity Fair magazine: I've always been a worrier. Since I was a little girl I’ve always felt that if I had a moment of peace I’d wonder, ‘Are you sure you can afford to feel like this?’ Penelope, 35, also revealed she learned to...Read Full Story

Penelope Cruz Compares Acting to Dating

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Photo Agency Broken Embraces star Penelope Cruz gets butterflies in her stomach before she starts a new film -- a similar feeling to the one she has when a new man takes her out. She said: “In terms of the work, it always seems like it’s a first date. I mean, every time I go to the movie set and start a project, I feel the same feeling -- the butterflies in the stomach, not having control over it -- because acting is like that. That’s the beauty of it. You can always keep learning. There...Read Full Story

Penelope Cruz and Director Pedro Almodovar 'Operate Like Lovers'

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DON'T MISS Penelope Cruz Caused 'Sexual Desire' in Gay Director of 'Broken Embraces' Report: Penelope Cruz Is Pregnant! Actress Penelope Cruz and homosexual film director Pedro Almodovar have collaborated on several projects, most recently Broken Embraces, and the two know each other so well that they are practically in a relationship.Pedro said: There is something that works really well in our relationship that combines both our friendship and the professional side. We operate like...Read Full Story