Peter Andre Wouldn't Want His Kids to Be Famous Until They Finish School

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Fame, it's not all its cracked up to be. So says Peter Andre, who is anxious to keep his kids from becoming famous before they finish school. The "Behind Closed Doors" hitmaker -- who has a five-year-old son Junior and two-year-old daughter Princess Tiaamii with ex-wife Katie Price, and also helps raise her eldest child Harvey, eight -- wouldn’t have a problem with the youngsters pursuing a showbiz career, but only if they complete their education first. He said: “If the kids want to follow...Read Full Story

Want to Smell Like Peter Andre?

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Peter Andre's ex-wife Katie Price has made quite a fortune off of her many licensing deals—among them children's books, lingerie, and equestrian clothing. No wonder he's eager to cash in on his name. Again.Andre was on-hand to sign his latest fragrance, "Conditional," at London's Westfield on Tuesday. His first fragrance, "Unconditional," must have fared pretty well.More pictures of Peter Andre at London's Westfield:Read Full Story

Is Peter Andre Crushing on Alexandra Burke?

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Getty ImagesSinger Peter Andre has been single since his split from his ex-wife Katie Price earlier this year, but that may be changing soon. Pete's said to be smitten with British songstress Alexandra Burke and has even planned a romantic evening for her. He told a friend: “I think she’s really cool. She’s seriously hot and once I’ve cooked for her, she won’t be able to resist.” Since they met last week on a UK TV show, the pair have spoken every day through a series of “suggestive...Read Full Story

Peter Andre Has a 6-Pack Again

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Getty ImagesSinger Peter Andre is training five days a week, and he's in the best shape of his life since divorcing model Katie Price in September. He said: “I love the fact that I have a six-pack, which I haven’t had for years. When we split up I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror, all my confidence vanished.” The singer revealed he was now the same weight as he was 15 years ago and credited sex and chocolate as ways to feel good. Peter, 36, said: “Exercise, sex and chocolate are...Read Full Story

Peter Andre Planning Tribute to Michael Jackson on First Anniversary of His Death

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Getty ImagesSinger Peter Andre is planning a “top secret” memorial for the first anniversary of Michael Jackson's death, which will take place in June of next year. At the London premiere of new film This Is It, which documents the rehearsals for his ill-fated 50-night London residency, Peter told BANG Showbiz: “We’re still in talks about what we’re going to do. There are a few options, one being a live concert and another being a one-off TV special. Whatever it is, it’s not going to happen...Read Full Story

Peter Andre Shoots Down Katie Price's Claims That He's Dating His Manager

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Singer Peter Andre denies his ex-wife Katie Price's claims that he's in a romantic relationship with his manager Claire Powell. The pop star, whose divorce from Katie was granted last Thursday, said: “This week she has been saying there were three people in our marriage. It’s so insane that I don’t even want to respond to it. But for anyone who believes that I might be having a sexual relationship with my manager, I would like to say that it is absolutely not true. It would be like incest...Read Full Story

Peter Andre and Katie Price Are Officially Divorced Now

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Now that Peter Andre and Katie Price are officially divorced, does that mean the mud-slinging is finally over? We doubt it, but at least they're dunzo on paper. The "Behind Closed Doors" singer hugged his brother Michael Andre and agent Claire Powell in England yesterday, and was relieved that his 3-year marriage to the model is finally in the past. He told the pair: “It’s over. I’ve moved on. It’s been hard but you guys have always been there for me. I’ve been hurt by this but I’m a...Read Full Story

Peter Andre Says He Misses His Kids

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Peter Andre's divorce from Katie Price will be finalized on Wednesday, but despite the once-couples troubles, Peter claims being away from his three children is almost too much for him to bear. He said: “The only thing that has got to me through the whole divorce is missing the kids. It’s torture.”  Peter had a furious argument with Katie’s cage fighter boyfriend Alex Reid last week after Alex barred Peter from talking to the children. The row came after Alex admitted Peter’s four-year-old...Read Full Story

Katie Price and Peter Andre Each Plan to Write a Book About Their Divorce

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Bauer GriffinNearly divorced couple Peter Andre and Katie Price are turning their breakup into a war of words by each writing their own book about the demise of their marriage. These books, destined to be filled with awesome trash-talk, will undoubtedly be real page-turners. The model, who is now dating cage fighter Alex Reid, is furious with the way her estranged spouse has gained popularity since their separation and has told pals she wants to release a “kinky” book, detailing their...Read Full Story

Katie Price is Making Peter Andre's Stomach Hurt

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Getty ImagesPeter Andre is not happy with the way Katie Price is handling their divorce. He thinks she's making a big joke out of the whole ordeal, and is setting him up to look bad. A friend of Peter's said: “It reduces the whole painful split to a bizarre pantomime, that’s how warped it has become. Peter thinks it’s just all in the most disgustingly bad taste, it’s stomach-churning.” The 36-year-old pop singer was further enraged this week by Katie’s latest interview in the UK edition...Read Full Story