Phoebe Prince Tragedy: Who's to Blame for Suicide?

Phoebe Prince has shed light on the dangers of teen bullying, after the 15-year-old hanged herself in January. But was bullying really what caused the tragedy?

Phoebe Prince (
A recently article on questions the original story surrounding her death, which is that Phoebe's peers bullied her and called her an "Irish slut." The story asserts that she was "was deeply troubled long before she ever met the six defendants" in the case, and that she started cutting herself in 2008, long before she ever moved from Ireland to Massachusetts, where the bullying took place.

According to, however, Phoebe's family has shot back at the article's claims. Her aunt Eileen Moore said the new details "resurfaced" the pain of her niece's death.

As for the rest of Prince's family and friends, they were also disturbed and claimed the article just deflected blame from the kids responsible for the bullying. Family friend Darby O'Brien said, "It's been going on since the beginning -- let's further victimize the victim.

"As far as this whole troubled kid thing, well, kids don't commit suicide unless they're troubled. This (bullying) just pushed her over the edge."