Here's Why Beyonce and Jay Z Are Probably Not Divorcing

Three Reasons Beyonce and Jay Are PR Masters

Since the release of a dubious New York Post report, the Internet has been freaking out over a potential Beyonce and Jay Z split. And, true, if the couple does decide to call it quits, love as we know it will pretty much die. Unfortunately for the couple, there's plenty of evidence pointing to divorce: The cheating rumors, the lyrics to "Resentment" Bey slickly changed (again), and reports of couples' therapy. The most disturbing piece of evidence is Bey and Jay Z's apparent decision to spawn Blue Ivy in the hopes that a growing family would improve their relationship. 

Whatever you want to believe, I will say this: the divorce rumors are most likely just that — rumors. I mean, we are talking about the greatest couple of all time here. Such decisions don't come lightly. But if they are headed for Divorceland, so be it. I'm pretty sure it won't affect the flow of extremely adorable Blue Ivy Instagram and Tumblr pics. I will also point out that these divorce rumors might all be part of a well-orchestrated PR game that keeps the couple in the spotlight (as if they need any more help in doing so), and serves as a weird social experiment in virality (like I said, we are talking about the GREATEST COUPLE OF ALL TIME. They can pretty much mess with anyone they want and do whatever the hell they want). 
Still not convinced? Here's proof that all is well (and very lucrative) in Bey and Jay's world... 

1. This photo.
Come on, does this look like the image of a family on the rocks? Also, please note the timing. The image was posted amidst the height of Bey and Jay divorce rumors. Could Beyonce be messing with us out of sheer boredom? Perhaps. 

2. Their On the Run Tour.
Some believe their 16-date stadium extravaganza is part of couples' therapy and further proof their relationship is on the rocks. But with HBO announcing on Tuesday the Sept. 20 premiere date for the On the Run Tour special (the concert will be taped in Paris on Sept. 12 and 13), divorce rumors like this are more likely to spike interest and conversation around the special and the tour in general. 

Three Reasons Beyonce and Jay Are PR Masters

3. A 50 Shades of Grey collab? 
Bey caused quite the stir when she postedFifty Shades of Grey teaser featuring Christian Grey's hand and Anastasia Steele's thighs. Divorce rumors leave us anxious to hear how the couple is connected with the project (soundtrack contributions?) and have us ready to overanalyze the songs for any clues that help to give a fuller idea of what is really going on between the two. Oh, and 50 Shades of Grey gets a pretty good boost, too. In other words, everyone involved wins. 

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