Model Chrissy Teigen Suffers a Beyoncé-Related Injury

(Instagram)Chrissy Teigen lives a truly charmed life. The former Sports Illustrated model spent her Saturday evening at Michelle Obama's birthday bash in Washington, D.C., where she partied alongside the Clintons, Magic Johnson, and many more. But as evidenced by her most recent Instagram post, even the most charmed moments have consequences.

Teigen, who wed Grammy winner John Legend in a star-studded ceremony on Italy's Lake Como last year, posted a photo of a fist-sized purple and pink injury on her thigh on Monday with a very telling caption: "Tell me this isn't the worst bruise you've seen. #dancingtobeyonce."

Obviously, the bruise was worth it: Beyoncé reportedly whizzed through about a half-dozen of her biggest hits at the First Lady's big celebration, where Stevie Wonder and Teigen's own husband also performed. Teigen wasn't able to post her regular Twitter overshares during the party, however, as guests were not allowed to carry cell phones.

As far as Beyoncé-related injuries go, Chrissy's bruise is definitely not the worst. Back in 2007, two St. Louis fans were burned when stage pyrotechnics accidentally fell into the front row (both made full recoveries, and Beyoncé even visited them in the hospital). And then of course, there is this classic "Single Ladies" fail:

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