Ariana Grande's Dramatic Dating Life: A Timeline

TwitterAriana Grande spent part of her weekend performing in a crop top at the Wango Tango concert in L.A. and the other part tweeting ultra sappy messages to her ex-boyfriend Jai Brooks. Despite a gnarly cheating scandal last October, it looks like all is forgiven between these two — and then some. Ahh, love.

The first clues that the pop stars were back together came at the iHeartRadio Music last weekend, when they were spotted kissing and holding hands back stage. And now there's no denying that they've rekindled their love. Brooks, who's part of the Aussie boy band The Janoskians, tweeted Saturday after Grande's set: "I am so proud of you and you looked gorgeous, well done on your amazing performance how do u dance so well wearing heels?

“I LOVE U beautiful @ArianaGrande,” he added.

After a string of tweets, she replied: “noooo you’re the cutest. I love you."

See? Totally back together. But let's look back at what went down before this mushy makeup.

Dating: August 2012
Legend has it the young couple met on Twitter, when Jai and his twin brother Luke had some sort of crazy Twitter campaign to see who could score a date with the Nickelodeon star. To make a long story short, somehow their ploy actually worked and Brooks and Grande started "dating" in October 2012 but actually met for the first time that December. Supposedly.

The First Breakup: February 2013
The distance was just too much for them in the beginning of their relationship, but they quickly reunited a month later, according to Twitter.

The Big Breakup: August 2013
Then, things really went south in the summer of 2013 when they broke up for good (or at least broke up for a good nine months). Sources confirmed the split and then in October Brooks confirmed the reason for the split was Grande's relationship with another boybander — Nathan Sykes from The Wanted.

Brooks wrote a giant note on Twitter about the bitter end. It started like this: “Yes I was cheated on. Yes it does suck. Yes I was left for another man. And this happens everyday to so many people of every age, gender, race. I happen to be one of those people and I’m in a situation where I am constantly reminded of it every day." (You can read the rest of the lengthy post here.)

Grande responded with a string of tweets that went like this: “You said to me if I didn’t come back to you, you’d make me look bad to the entire world… I’m no longer afraid of you or your lies anymore. I’m going to be the lady my mother raised and carry myself with class and dignity… But I will never be any man’s press opportunity. I’m finally happy. Words can’t hurt me anymore.” Oof.

The songstress' camp insisted that Brooks had actually broken up with her over the phone long before anything turned romantic with Sykes — no cheating scandal here! Then that was basically the end of it.

The Rebound Relationship: September 2013
Just two weeks before Brooks' Twitter essay, Grande and Sykes, who had a new duet together, confirmed they were an item. “We hesitated saying anything as people can be a bit insensitive but thank u. we value all of your happiness, thank you for valuing ours :)” she wrote on Twitter at the time.

Sykes added: “So, I guess it’s obvious now… thanks to everyone who is being so lovely. I’m so happy #butweareterrified #pleasedontkillme #orariana.”

The Rebound Breakup: January 2014
The relationship between Grande and Sykes lasted about long enough for them to record a duet and film a music video. They didn't specify the reason for the split, but she maintained it was totally friendly. She said at the time: "We broke up a little while ago, but he's a really good friend."He's so talented. I am so glad to have met him and have a friend like him in my life. He's an amazing person. It was very civil. It was mutual."

The Rekindling: May 2014
As early as March, there were rumors going around that Grande and Brooks had put their past behind them and decided to give their relationship another go. Fans speculated that his voice could be heard on one of her Instagram videos and so on. But the real proof came in the last week, when their PDA and Twitter gushiness started back up.

So where does it go from here? Just keep watching Twitter.
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