Is This the Real Reason Selena Gomez is Taking Some Time Off From Touring?

Getty ImagesThere's already been plenty of speculation about why Selena Gomez canceled the Australian leg of her tour — low ticket sales, hopes of reconciliation with Justin Bieber, family issues, etc. etc. But now there's a new rumor out there: Gomez is battling Lupus.

According to sources who probably know everything, the 21-year-old was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease a few years ago and has been coping with "flares” recently. These flares can cause facial swelling, extreme fatigue, headaches and joint pain, for starters.

“Selena has been going full throttle the past few years and her Lupus is really catching up with her right now,” an unnamed insider told Popdust. “She knows that she needs to take some time to address the disease and look after herself better if she wants to live a full and healthy life.”

Of course, this hasn't at all been confirmed by the star's reps. They've allegedly declined to comment multiple times on the matter. And even if Gomez does have the disease, don't go making a Selena shrine — it's treatable and a very high percentage of people with it go on to live a normal lifespan. Nick Cannon has it, as does Seal and Toni Braxton. Dating Justin Bieber has much higher stakes, it seems.

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