5 Reasons to Get Excited About 'Miley Cyrus: MTV Unplugged'

Miley Cyrus is planning to strip down once again — only this time, there's actually something to get excited about. On Monday, MTV announced that the former Hannah Montana star would be bringing the party to "Miley Cyrus: MTV Unplugged," which airs January 29. She'll come in like a wrecking ball without her usual assortment of drum machines and synthesizers, although chances are she hasn't dropped the little people. But we're still psyched, because...

1. She looks like the stripper offspring of Dolly Parton and Sloth from The Goonies in the first promo image.

2. She'll finally be able to show off her pipes.
Miley hijacked the headlines for a good chunk of 2014, but mostly for her tongue, her twerk, and/or her complete lack of clothing. Longtime fans have been aching for the performer to focus less on the antics and more on the music, and this is the perfect setup for her to do so.

3. She'll share some of the stories behind the music.
VH1 Storytellers this is not, but we're still betting Miley will get candid about the inspiration behind some of her songs. Thanks to her very obvious desire to rebel against her Disney upbringing, Miley gives great quote.

4. There's room for covers.
Miley is sure to unveil a couple of covers on her upcoming Bangerz Tour, and with any luck she'll test her pipes on a few of them for the MTV cameras. Those who enjoyed the Backyard Sessions (see below) are already excited about it.

5. She'll join a list of bonafide icons.
The MTV Unplugged series has generated some of the best music of the past several decades, including two Grammy Award winners for Album of the Year (Eric Clapton and Tony Bennett). Miley's in very, very good company.

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