Everyone Is Making the Same Bad Joke About That Terrible Jay Z and Solange Elevator Video

(Getty Images)On Monday morning, TMZ posted one of their most shocking video exclusives to date: A minute-long confrontation between Solange Knowles and her brother-in-law, Jay Z, in an elevator at New York City's Standard Hotel.

The fight, which went down sometime after last week's star-studded Met Gala, appears pretty one-sided: Solange swipes and kicks at Jay Z as a bodyguard struggles to hold her back. Jay Z is never shown hitting back, although he does at one point grab Solange's foot. Beyoncé, meanwhile, seems strikingly calm through the whole ordeal, at one point pausing to adjust the train on her Givenchy gown. 

It's completely nuts.

Naturally, the video has provoked a lot of reactions from fans — some shocked, others bemused. The hashtag #WhatJayZSaidToSolange quickly built up steam:

Others were a little less creative. Word to everyone who thinks quoting "99 Problems" is original.

Clever, everyone! 

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