Beyoncé Gave Some Karaoke Revelers the Surprise of Their Lives in Miami

(Twitter)Tuesday was a big day for karaoke. Huge.

While half the country suffered the brutal chill of the "polar vortex," a handful of revelers in Miami were treated to the surprise of their lives when, several hours into their private room karaoke party, they got a little visit from Beyoncé Knowles and Kelly Rowland.

Uh huh.

The good people at Sing Sing Miami (the considerably warmer sister to the East Village karaoke mecca, aka Drake's fave) posted about the golden moment on their official Facebook page the day after the festivities:
So imagine it's just a regular Tuesday night. You and your two other gal pals are renting a private karaoke room at Sing Sing, and you've been singing and drinking for about 5 hours. You're tired. One of your friends fell asleep. You decide to sing "Party" by Beyoncé to liven things up.

A few minutes into the song, two women walk into your room and start singing and dancing. Okaaaay, sure, come on in strangers. Wait. You guys look a lot like...Are you Serious? And then it hits you. You're not dreaming. These two women are Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland.

And you're singing her song.
According to other posts on Sing Sing's Facebook, Beyoncé strolled in with Jay Z and took over the VIP room with about 10 other people, including both Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. But just as Mrs. Carter walked in, she happened to overhear some young ladies singing one of her songs... creating for some serious karaoke magic. Bet that girl who fell asleep on the couch is having a rough day.

Elsewhere, their pal Drake was doing this: 

Don't let anyone ever tell you that karaoke isn't cool.

UPDATE: Looks like someone got photobombed.

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