Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Attempt to Convey Their Passion for Each Other Through Interpretive Dance

(PacificCoastNews)Britney and Justin were never this entertaining.

On Monday, shortly after unflattering videos of his recent deposition made the rounds on the Internet, Justin Bieber uploaded a pair of curious videos to his Instagram account. The videos, which were each only a few seconds long, revealed exactly how he spent part of his weekend: In a dance studio with Selena Gomez, working on a routine that illustrates the ups and downs of true love.


Bieber has since deleted the videos, which were set to John Legend's "Ordinary People." But since the Internet is forever, they live on.

At this point it's clear that Justin and Selena cannot and will not quit each other, no matter how many bikini models or bad headlines stand in their way. They are that high school couple that is always getting into teary, angry fights at parties, but since these two are never parting ways to go to college, the melodrama may last well into their twenties.

At least they know how to dance their feelings. And whatever, John Legend approves.

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