So How Did the Prince Episode of 'New Girl' Make You Feel?

(FOX)It may have been a big night for Seattle Seahawks fans on Super Bowl Sunday, but it was arguably just as big a deal for those of us who are very, very into Prince. The Purple One's much-hyped cameo on New Girl aired last night, and it was something special (there were pancakes involved).

In the episode, Prince plays something of a love guru for Jess, who is struggling to express her feelings after Nick surprises her with the L-word. After vehemently insisting Jess finish her breakfast-for-dinner, Prince makes her over and challenges her to a ping pong match, among other things. Eventually Jess ends up joining Prince on stage (for a rendition of his new song "Do You Wanna Fall in Love Tonight?"), later explaining of her bizarre innate knowledge of the lyrics, "I think Prince is magic."

That is probably true. But that doesn't mean the butterfly charming enchanted everyone.

The stakes are always impossibly high for celebrity television cameos, with or without the Super Bowl, and it would've been impossible for Prince's New Girl moment to satisfy the amped expectations. A couple of critics have noted how surprisingly subdued Prince's delivery was in light of his over-the-top public persona. I admit I cringed a little when Prince invited Jess to join him onstage for a duet near the episode's end fairytale ending — it felt a little forced, but good-naturedly so.

Vast improbabilities aside, the episode came with a fair number of golden moments, including Nick's classic reaction to Prince's presence:

Freakout of the year.

So what was your take on the episode? Were you down with Prince?
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