Rachel Campos-Duffy, Former 'Real World' Star, Says Obama's Abortion Policy Is Anti-Peace Prize on 'The View'

By Olivia on
You may know Rachel Campos-Duffy as a former Real World: San Francisco cast member, but now she's a writer for ParentDish.com, a parenting website with a celebrity/entertainment twist. Campos-Duffy showed up to The View this morning, where she stated her opinion that Barack Obama was not the right choice for the Nobel Peace Prize. Campos-Duffy claimed Mother Teresa, not Obama, is the quintessential Nobel Peace Prize winner, because of his pro-choice policies on abortion. She said, "It's...Read Full Story

Rachel Campos-Duffy -- 'Real World' castmember on Jon and Kate affair

By Jake on
Plenty of people have weighed on the rumored affair of Jon and Kate Plus 8's Jon Gosselin, but Rachel Campos-Duffy's take is probably a bit more insightful than most.That's because Rachel Campos-Duffy was a castmember on The Real World: San Francisco. She married Real World: Boston castmember Brad Duffy. From her column on parentdish.com: Our reason for saying no is that in reality television contracts, it is impossible to get a one-season deal; networks and production companies want the...Read Full Story