Rachel Campos-Duffy -- 'Real World' castmember on Jon and Kate affair

Rachel Campos-Duffy was a castmember on The Real World: San Francisco. She married Real World: Boston castmember Brad Duffy. Plenty of people have weighed on the rumored affair of Jon and Kate Plus 8's Jon Gosselin, but Rachel Campos-Duffy's take is probably a bit more insightful than most.

That's because Rachel Campos-Duffy was a castmember on The Real World: San Francisco. She married Real World: Boston castmember Brad Duffy.

From her column on parentdish.com:
Our reason for saying no is that in reality television contracts, it is impossible to get a one-season deal; networks and production companies want the option of multiple seasons should they happily find themselves with a hit show on their hands.

And that, at its heart, is the problem for Jon and Kate. Their initial foray into reality TV was an exciting and, in all likelihood, harmless experience for their unconventional yet totally normal family. The first and second season provided wholly satisfying family entertainment (a rare find these days), and possessed an intangible energy and innocence that appealed to viewers of all ages. Sadly, the latter seasons, with their contrived outings (who would decide to take eight kids on a ski vacation?), predictably upgraded lifestyle, and the heightened camera awareness of the kids, particularly the older twins, have left many viewers watching for altogether different reasons than they did in season one. They're wondering what will become of this family and their beautiful brood. After all, it only took two seasons before the Osbornes were facing rehab story lines -- and it wasn't Ozzy!

The Gosselins must have wondered how season after season of filming would impact their children's sense of normalcy; after all, viewers certainly asked that question. Now that their marriage troubles are the front-page stuff of tabloids, the Gosslins are facing a bigger problem, one they probably never imagined. Their public crisis may compromise what they had before the show: A successful marriage, and a happy family.

Contrary to popular belief, it's really not that easy to be on a reality show, especially one that involves months of filming in your home. It's grueling and psychological stressful, even for adults. I was twenty-two when I appeared on "The Real World" and it took me a couple of years to really process the whole experience and to come back to who I really was, off camera, without the attention that comes with the experience. I have witnessed plenty of former cast members lose their way, and, dare I say, their souls. In the end, I think Jon and Kate will make it; the bigger question is at what cost to the kids?

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