Rachel Campos-Duffy, Former 'Real World' Star, Says Obama's Abortion Policy Is Anti-Peace Prize on 'The View'

You may know Rachel Campos-Duffy as a former Real World: San Francisco cast member, but now she's a writer for ParentDish.com, a parenting website with a celebrity/entertainment twist. Campos-Duffy showed up to The View this morning, where she stated her opinion that Barack Obama was not the right choice for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Rachel Campos-Duffy (via ABC.com)
Campos-Duffy claimed Mother Teresa, not Obama, is the quintessential Nobel Peace Prize winner, because of his pro-choice policies on abortion. She said, "It's Obama's radical abortion position that makes him the least qualified for that."

Campos-Duffy also announced that she's three months pregnant with her sixth child. Watch her appearance on The View below.