Rachelle Short spars with judge - Spector case goes to Jury

AP reports that Rachelle Short (aka Rachelle Spector) was singled out and reprimanded by the Judge during closing speeches because of her unruly ways:

Rachelle Spector sent e-mails to reporters over the weekend pointing out a TV interview she had given, despite the fact that [Judge] Fidler had warned her against such activity.

'Ma'am, I'm going to do something I've never done before,' Fidler said. 'You are here in the courtroom. You will not talk to the press ... until a verdict or other decision is arrived at in this case. If you do, you're in violation of my order and you know what I do to people who violate my orders.'

Rachelle Short reportedly sent an apology notice to the Judge afterwards.  The Judge accepted the apology and acknowledged the difficulties and stresses put on families during a difficult ordeal such as this.

Now the jury deliberates on Phil's guilt or innocence.  Stay tuned.
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