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This fall, there's a new crop of horror films for fans to sink their teeth into, and we've got all the trailers right here. In addition to the Nicolas Cage-starring Mandy and Hell Fest, the "potential sleeper horror hit," Halloween is getting a long-awaited direct sequel to the original 1978 film (with Jamie Lee Curtis). Meanwhile, The Nun starring Taissa Farmiga recently joined the ever-expanding The Conjuring universe. In other words, it's a fantastic time for horror fans, and there's something for everyone this fall. 

The Suspiria remake is my choice psychological thriller of the season while Bella Thorne's I Still See You, with its gutting, unique plot, is also on my must-see list. Sadly, based on the trailer, Mischa Barton's The Basement may not be worth a trip to the theater. But hey, you decide.

Keep reading to see which fall 2018 horror film you should mark your calendars for. We've ranked the films from must-see to meh, based on the trailers and the trailers alone.