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We definitely ship these TV couples! Love doesn't come easy, and these small-screen lovers sure know a thing or two about it. Despite being a tired trope, these will-they-or-won't-they TV couples breathed new life into long-running, serialized dramas or comedies centered in a static setting. In fact, their unknown relationship status became an integral feature because we so desperately wanted them to end up together!

From Diane returning on Cheers, to Luke feeding into Lorelai's coffee mania on Gilmore Girls, to Mulder and Scully's push-pull relationship, there are plenty of TV couples who got our hearts racing. After crying buckets of tears, creating hilarious inside jokes, and toying with our emotions, these TV couples knew just the right heartstrings to pull. Keep reading to find out our ranking of the best will-they-or-won't-they TV couples of all time.