Rashida Jones -- Actress dating Obama's main speechwriter

Rashida Jones is now dating Jon Favreau, the man behind many of Barack Obama's most famous speecheds.
Rashida Jones, best known for her work on the sitcoms The Office and Parks and Recreation, is dating Jon Favreau, the young speechwriter credited with helping shape many of Barack Obama's most well-known speeches.

From the blog Best Week Ever:

A tipster has just informed us of a hot new celebrity power couple, seen getting close this weekend in Washington D.C.: Parks and Recreations actress Rashida Jones was spotted drinking Friday night with D.C.’s hottest bachelor of the moment, Jon Favreau. No, not the beefy actor seen in your Favreau-te movie of all-time, Rudy, but rather the studly 27-year-old Director of Speechwriting for President Barack Obama. Yes, that one. For girls who like guys that look good on paper, his Wiki page is basically pornography. Also? He’s hot.

Here’s how it went down: Rashida and Jon were hanging out in an exclusive bar in the Georgetown area (yes, D.C. does have “exclusive places”, unless you’re a WASP, as then the world is your nest.) Our tipster reports that the two were attached at the hip all evening, until they starting making out with each other at the bar. Eventually, they left with one another. We can only assume they did the inevitable… shake hands (hands = genitals.)

The next night, Rashida was spotted looking radiant* (*bc she probs had ess) at the White House Correspondents dinner, while her latest boy toy was likely busy backstage writing one liners for the POTUS. So does this mean Favreau, easily the hottest commodity the East Coast has to offer, has broken up with rumored girlfriend and Maxim model Ali Campoverdi? Well, if that is the case, then allow us to digitally shake his hand (again, genital) and congratulate him on the Upgrade. The jury is still out on whether or not he’s a better catch than J. Krasinski, though. (He probably is.)

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