Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe Are Leaving 'Parks and Recreation'


This is literally the worst TV casting news ever: Parks and Recreation stars Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe will depart the NBC comedy sometime this season.

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Buzzfeed reveals that the pair will make their exit during the 13th episode of the season, which is set to take place during the February sweeps period. There are currently no specific details about how Ann and Chris will make their exit, but it's safe to assume that the Pawnee exodus will have something to do with the baby they're having together.

Jones has been with Parks and Recreation since it first debuted in the spring of 2009, while Lowe came onboard at the end of the second season. Parks' hour-long Season 6 premiere is set for September 26.

What do you think about Ann and Chris leaving Pawnee? Will Leslie be able to handle life without her BFF? Hit the comments below with your thoughts.
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