Stars' Style Decades: Time Warped Celeb #7

7. Renee Zellweger
Katherine Heigl isn't the only starlet channeling the instant glamour of the 1950's.  Actress Renee Zellweger has been wearing vintage (and couture designed to look vintage) on the red carpet for years.  She generally sticks to silhouettes that hug her thin frame and give her curves.

Getty Images
Notice any recurring themes?  Like all great fashionistas, Renee knows what suits her body.  Maybe that's why she always looks like she's smirking at us.

: While Renee always looks flawless, she makes sure not to look too perfect.  Her hair is always the teensiest bit messy, which makes the overall effect look more effortless.  I'm a big fan of her choppy short cut.  When picking out a dress, choose one that shows off your neckline and collar.  If you have a slender build like Renee, then look for a long, glitzy dress that hugs your hips.  Make sure to wear lots of rosy blush.  And pucker, and squint.

Oh, Bai.
Um...what decade is this from?  Is that meant as outerwear?  Click to see our 6th Most Time Warped Celebrity!

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