Meryl Streep's Rocker Mom Rehab in 'Ricki and the Flash'

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When you leave your family for rock 'n' roll stardom can you ever go back? Read Full Story

Rick Springfield Opens Up About His Fans, His First Loves, and How Hard It Is for Justin Bieber

By Alicia Dennis on
(Getty Images)Rick Springfield is a hugger. In the 15 minutes or so before our interview at Austin, Texas' Four Seasons hotel, he doles them out generously, a man clearly used to making people — mostly women — nervously giddy. He flashes a soap star smile for photos, thanks a longtime fan for voicing her appreciation for his work. Decades have passed since Springfield's days as a teen idol, but it's clear the rocker has a stronger relationship with his fans than he ever did before.Springfield...Read Full Story

Rick Springfield's Cruise Boasts Booze and '80s Hits

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Getty ImagesPicture this: 4 nights at sea on a fun- and food-filled cruise boat, an open bar beach excursion, and a reggae version of "Jesse's Girl." We know what you're thinking: 'One of these things is not like the others,' but you're wrong -- it's a Rick Springfield cruise!  In fact, it's the second annual Rick Springfield & Friends Sun Dazed & Star Filled Nights Cruise. Yes, it's real. We don't quite believe it either, but, it is. For anywhere between $899 and $1,799 you, too...Read Full Story

Rick Springfield Strips Down for 'Californication'

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Getty ImagesRemember Rick Springfield? He's the singer and actor who got famous in the 1980s for his hit single "Jessie's Girl" and for his stint on the soap opera General Hospital. Now he has people talking about his latest project, a guest appearance on the series Californication, where he'll play himself and strip down to his skivvies. According to, he said: They were looking for a musician who's an actor and they liked what I did. They wrote the story around my name and they...Read Full Story