New 'Blade Runner 2049' Photos Give Us Our Best Look Yet at a Familiar World

By JJ Duncan on
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Matt Damon Jokes About Leonardo DiCaprio's Harrowing 'Revenant' Stories

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Big News for 'Blade Runner' and 'Alien' Fans

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Before & After: The Amazing Visual Effects of 'The Martian'

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Saving Private Damon Once More in 'The Martian'

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'District 9' Director Drops Amazing 'Alien' Sequel Concept Art

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Here's the First Trailer for 'Exodus: Gods and Kings' with Christian Bale as Moses

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Screening Room: Kristen Stewart Covers 'Vanity Fair,' First Photos of Lohan as Liz Taylor

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(Bauer Griffin, Pacific Coast News)Trailer of the WeekPremium RushThink a movie about bike messengers can't be cool? I bet you think the same thing about Sandra Bullock driving a bus. Okay, so Premium Rush may not end up being the smash hit Speed was, but you never know. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Michael Shannon lead the way in this new action thriller due out August 24. If nothing else, check out the trailer for a glimpse at how exciting being a bike messenger can be in a big city! Although...Read Full Story

Ridley Scott's Prometheus, Footage and News

By Adam Wenger on
As psy-fi fans around the world continue to get excited for Ridley Scott's newest film, Prometheus, many are clamoring to get a look at footage from the movie and hear whatever latest news surfaces about the project.Well, here's what we can tell you. First off, the film will be shot in 3-D, which is dissapointing in that 3-D films often lose their color and vibrancy and we expect the best when it comes to a Scott film. But we're not in a position to knock the film until we've seen footage...Read Full Story

Ridley Scott to Direct Hasbro's Monopoly Movie

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(Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images)Ridley Scott has brought some strange landscapes to life before: the cyberpunk dystopia of Blade Runner, the color-saturated fantasy world of Legend, or the claustrophobic confines of the Nostrodamus in Alien. But if a Hollywood Reporter article is to be believed, he may be attempting his most surreal journey yet: bringing the world of the board game Monopoly to life. From the write-up: Ridley Scott is officially attached to direct the Hasbro-Universal...Read Full Story