Before & After: The Amazing Visual Effects of 'The Martian'

Use our interactive slider to see how Earth was turned into Mars.

Before & After: The Amazing Visual Effects of 'The Martian'

The Martian doesn't overwhelm with stunning visual effects. One of the reasons the film works so well is because it puts the story first. But it's a beautiful technical movie. Director Ridley Scott enlisted the services of Moving Picture Company (MPC) to handle the effects work and they're the team responsible for turning the Jordanian desert, where the film was shot, into the Red Planet itself.

Anders Langlands, the visual effects supervisor of MPC’s Montreal office, told, “One of the first problems was to figure out a grading process to turn photography we shot on location in Jordan into a Martian environment. It was basically taking the place that was shot, [layering] color grades on the sky and the ground in order to get it from a blue sky to something that looked Martian.” 

Use the sliders below to see how The Martian turned our world into another world:

[Images courtesy of Fox | MPC

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