How Riley Keough Will Shake Up 'Riverdale'

Keough is joining The CW hit as a "flirty farm girl" who will test Jughead and Archie's loyalty to their girlfriends.

How Riley Keough Will Shake Up 'Riverdale'

It looks like Riverdale is throwing Varchie and Bughead a curve ball.

Riley Keough (The Girlfriend Experience) will join the cast for the upcoming third season as Laurie Lake, an "all-American farm girl" who will take in Jughead and Archie one night when they desperately need shelter. Reportedly, Riverdale Season 3 will be darker than ever, so will this new character add to the tone? According to the casting announcement, she certainly will. Here's hoping her "farm girl" fashion sense doesn't screw with The CW hit's impeccable lookbook.

Apparently, the vibe between Laurie and the boys will be "warm and possibly flirtatious," but the situation will turn dire and the boys' lives will be in danger — "more danger than they could have imagined."

I have to ask, is Laurie from the farm where Betty's sister went with her babies?! It seems a bit... suspicious that they'd include "farm" in her character's description. Although it's also possible she's just a girl who lives on a farm and Jughead and Archie are out of town for some reason. There are a few things I want to see from this character, though, even if she's only on Riverdale for a short time.


1. NO cheating

I'm fine with minor flirtation between Jughead/Archie and this woman, but let's make sure neither boy cheats on their significant other. The high school infidelity story is overdone, dramatic, and unnecessary to a series like Riverdale, which prides itself on having mature young characters.

2. A (fun) terrible experience

While Archie and Jughead are going to be in danger, it can still be a fun experience for the viewers. I'd love to see twists and turns come along with this new character. It may start out upbeat and cheery, but it could get dark, manipulative, and twisted quick.

Keough is a talented actor. She was nominated for a Golden Globe for her role as a call girl on Starz's anthology series The Girlfriend Experience. I hope The CW takes advantage of her talent to make her time on Riverdale stand out.

3. Decent character motivation

Riverdale is terrible at creating realistic motivations for its characters and their respective actions. While this character's story seems like it'll only last one episode, she can still be an interesting, bizarre villain who could be explored more in the future.

How Riley Keough Will Shake Up 'Riverdale'

Above all, I'm hoping this new character won't just be a romantic obstacle in the path of Veronica and Archie or Betty and Jughead. It's tiresome to see characters continuously reduced to love interests. Riverdale could do a better job of allowing characters outside of the main four to grow a bit — especially since the series will likely be on the air for at least two more seasons. Take the time to write better for other characters, Riverdale writers.

How excited are you for Riley Keough to join Riverdale? Are you worried about the impact her character will have on Archie and/or Jughead's relationships?

Take solace in knowing Keough is just as excited to be on the show as we are for her appearance. Earlier this year, she tweeted about getting a role, and as luck would have it, she got her wish!

Keough has also starred in Paterno, Mad Max: Fury Road, American Honey, and Logan Lucky. She's a diverse actor, and her contribution to Riverdale should make for one interesting hour of television.